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Rotax racing parts

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Top Search:. Shop by Phone My Cart - 0 item. Featured Product. Propeller Balance Master, 6-hole prop, black anodized. Wood Wheel Chocks, Plain. Oil Filter Cutter.

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Stud and Nut Kit. Gasket Set for Provision 4 Crankcase Rotax Gasket Set for Provision 8 Crankcase Rotax Primer Kit. Bing 54 Manual Choke Kit with Lever. Bing 54 Remote Choke Kit. Idler Jet BRP-Rotax has committed itself to highest customer satisfaction by offering outstanding service and support.

Rotax Engines & Parts

The sales and service of Rotax aircraft engines and genuine replacement parts are provided by Rotax authorized distributors and their network on all five continents and more than countries.

Our service partners have a well-stocked inventory because we want our customers to spend more time in the air. Rotax Genuine spare parts are covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Rotax UL. Spare Parts.

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Parts availability for Rotax aircraft engines is guaranteed for at least ten years. Find Dealer. Find Flight School. Cookie settings. Necessary cookies for our website functions. Automatically created cookie from the web server. Assigns the visitor to a session. Cookie settings cookiesAllowed cookieSettings.

rotax racing parts

Google Maps. Google Fonts. Google Analytics. This site uses cookies. Cookies are used for user guidance and web analytics and help to make this website better and more user-friendly. I agree No thanks If you do not want a recording, you can disable it under Legal notice.Elliott Power Sports. Making progress on the frames, or at least frame components.

These are the easy part, once we get the rest of the bits done comes bending tubes. See More See Less. Comment on Facebook. We're officially a Brembo dealer.

Looking to put an order in soon. Braking products used on the Wood bikes are listed on our website. If you need anything special let us know. Brakes - Elliott Power Sports. Titanium rod for a Rotax.

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If you have any questions please email or call. If you wish to update your bronze bushing swingarm you will need to bore the swingarm pivot sleeves to 1. While we are working on the idea of building Wood frames is anyone interested in new swingarm bearings, races? They can also be used to update the old bushing style swingarms.

Rotax Powertrains

Working on pricing. Update on pricing; For the 4 bearings, 2 races, and 2 thrust bearings. While others use a polished piece of chromoly tubing and unsealed bearings.

The Wood swingarm pivot uses sealed bearings the span the entire width of the pivot sleeve, an oil impregnated bronze thrust bearing, and a heat treated precision ground inner race. There's a reason they've lasted decades. I hope to have an entire kit with new pivot shaft, nuts, and washers in the future. View more comments.

Onto a personal project, any guesses what it is? Paired with our TM 45 racing carburetor setup. Not bad for a 36 year old motor. Can't thank metrolakes enough for building this custom engine stand to accommodate the Rotax engine.

A little concerned about the area surrounding the right valve guide. What say Yee?? Thanks for clearing that up. More progressAre you looking for that perfectly custom built racing engine for your bike?

If so, you're in the right place.

Rotax Max Parts

Engines Selection. Rotax DS Click on an image below to view a larger, more detailed version. OMW-4 cams produce smooth tractable power in the lower rpm range and come on with a wall of power from rpm.

rotax racing parts

Works best with cc engines. OMW-5 cams are for drag racing only. OMW performs modifications to strengthen this journal through " cryo " treating the crank and machining a radius to improve crank life. These modifications are performed on all of our stroker cranks.

Simply pull your stock cylinder and piston off and put this one on. It increases displacement to cc. Includes new It can be setup for Couple this cylinder with the 5mm stroker for a cc monster or use the long skirt version of this cylinder with the 8mm stroker for cc of ground thumping power.

Website Design and Development by. Travis N. DS Cams OMW-3 cams produce explosive torque and horsepower from rpm for stock bore and big bore engines.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

View as:. Add to Cart. Your business means a great deal to us. Please let us know though our contact form if there is anything we can do to help you.

rotax racing parts

Check us out on YouTube! Welcome to PWCMuscle.

Rotax Race Engine Back from Rebuild, Pandemic Edition

Search: Search. Home 2 Stroke Performance Parts. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We proudly price match advertised prices! Show 5 10 15 20 25 per page. Learn More High tech finish and premium features make this the ultimate watercraft bar! When you screw the auger down into the sand, the hole fills with sand. The X-treme grip was designed to provide a more consistent gripping surface under even the most inclement conditions.

The aggressive diamond pattern tapers for a more ergonomic feel. The added Diamond Plate pads offer additional traction an Introducing the ultimate race proven steering system for the Yamaha GP! Delivers a precision feel and the confidence to push your craft to the limit with improved dependability and comfort. Accepts stan The difference is very noticeable, you get on the plane quicker, no more porposing in choppy water your boat will run straight and true with no top speed loss.

The WORX Sea-Doo Race Sponsons make a huge difference in handling over the original stock hull providing better straight line stability and hard cornering. Easy Installation!

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The WORX Sponsons make a huge difference in handling over the original stock hull providing better straight line stability and hard cornering.

Categories: 2 Stroke Performance Parts. Shop By.Contact Us at Our Flat Track Racing Accessories division designs and produces a complete range of custom flat track dirt bike products for both expert and amateur competition. Let our decades of racing experience give you the competitive edge! Contact Jerry for more information. Frame for Yamaha or Twin - and up.

Bikes with our Products. Adjustable Fork Clamps for Modern Bikes. Adjustable offsets range from 15 through Each offset insert is design with 2 offset measurements. The clamps will come with one pair of centered offsets and a second pair of offsets. Additional offsets sold separately. Adjustable Fork Clamps that drop 1" for Modern Bikes with up-side-down forks. Adjustable offsets range from 45 through Improve your clutch performance and life with our new clutch assembly.

This clutch assembly provides a smoother clutch engagement. This will improve the gripping power of the clutch. A new line of products specifically designed for the modern bikes.

New Product Line includes:. Save Money Now!! Front Axle Center Adapters. Simple to install and includes all mounting hardware, axle, and wheel spacers. Works in conjunction with a factory 19" wheel.Vintage racing is certainly one of our favorites.

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I started working on racing snowmobiles when Vintage was new from the show room. If we only knew then what we know now. Today, we take these old engines, of many different brands and designs and add modern technology. We can correct by port grinding, reshaping, welding in ports and re-cutting, re-sleeving with iron liners, sleeving with aluminum liners and then adding new Nikasil to replace old chrome. Head is done to modern shape and concepts as well as being very precise on new compression ratios.

We can update engines with new advanced ignition systems along with race proven carburetion. Certainly our new technology is used in designing and manufacturing exhaust systems. Cylinders can be bored, sleeved or re-conditioned with new Nikasil plating.

Some model engines can have the ignitions updated to newer models systems for improved performance. You need to provide good parts to work from and WPT can prepare Quality, Legal Race Engine using techniques acquired from 25 years of preparing race engines. Each engine is prepared to the best of the ability of the parts provided. New parts will be recommended when required.

It is our goal to make every engine, a winning engine. Cylinder Head Design is certainly one of our specialties.

Connect with Us!

WPT Heads are only prepared by hand fitting to the correct engine. This ensures accurate squish clearances with correct squish ratios. Some cylinders should have the tops cut to help the head work come out correctly. We can provide custom copper head gaskets for many models. Racers may come to our facility or ship engines to the WPT for Dyno for tuning and evaluation of many engines in a days time or fine tune a given engine.

See which of your engines is better and tune the best performance out of each one. Find the correct Rpm range, Jetting, Timing and even Spark Plugs, are things you can now verify with solid data, no longer just opinion. Bench Evaluation : Disassemble, evaluate all measurements and document only. No charge with Race Prep. Reassemble after cleaning parts if further work is not done by WPT. It is part of doing it right. We need to know what you need first. Dynamometer Break-In Service : Highly recommended.

Our test facility can do the break-in of your engine better and in more controlled conditions than can be done on a boat. This saves you time as your engine is delivered to you with knowledge that it runs correctly and is race ready.

Dynamometer Service : Racers may come to our facility or ship engines to WPT for Dyno tuning and evaluation of many engines in a days time. Fuels, Jetting, Timing and even Spark Plugs, are things you can now verify with solid data, no longer just opinion.

Put your engine on our performance dyno today! Search WPT:.

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