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Jaguar straight 6 engine for sale

Introduced as a 3. A de-rated version was also used in certain military vehicles built by Alvis and Daimler. Rather than developing prototype engines immediately after the war, it is claimed that Jaguar's wartime engine developments went far beyond mere discussion and design, extending to the construction and testing of several prototype engines as early as The initial aim was to produce a series of engines of higher than normal output that would be able to stay ahead of the competition without revision for many years and which Sir William insisted also had to "look good".

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Ina range of configurations was considered and it was concluded that, for good breathing and high bmepthe new engines would need vee-opposed valves operating in hemispherical combustion chambers. Two configurations of this type were selected for comparison in and the prototypes named "XG" and "XF". The XG 4-cylinder of 1, cc, first tested in Octoberwas based on the 1.

The XG was found to suffer from excessive pushrod and rocker noise and gas flow figures through its vertical valve ports did not equal those of the horizontal ports on the XF. By September a 3. Testing showed the need for higher torque at low speeds than this engine could produce and hence it was 'stroked' to 3, cc to form the "XK 6-cylinder", which saw its debut in an open two-seat XK sports car at the London Motor Show.

The XG prototype soldiered on as a component testbed until There also existed an "XK 4-cylinder" of 1, cc, also first tested in October and remaining under development alongside the XK 6-cylinder units. It was only finally dropped as a possible production engine later inby which time it had been realised that Jaguar's image in the market had moved beyond the need for a replacement for the old 1.

Because the 6-cylinder XK prototypes were found to be so much more refined than the 4-cylinder versions, in a 1, cc 6-cylinder version of the XK 6-cylinder was built to see if it would suffice as a smaller scale engine. By this had grown to 2, cc and it was this short-block version of the XK 6-cylinder that was fitted to the new compact Jaguar 2. None of the 4-cylinder prototypes ever advanced to production but Lt. There are some misleading claims of an intervening "XJ" 4-cyl prototype but it seems the only person who referred to them as such was William Heynes in a paper presented to the IMechE in Heynes stated there were many 4-cyl variants following the XF but it was he alone who loosely grouped them as XJ.

This doesn't give much room for a series of XJ engines. If there is a XJ, the first one is likely to have been referred to as XK1 internally. It is likely these are what Heynes referred to as "XJ".

Thus were developed the two block sizes that formed the basis of all subsequent XK 6-cylinder engines; the shorter block being used for the 2.

The most recognisable feature of the XK engine is the dual cam covers atop the engine, which were a polished alloy until a change to ribbed black and alloy finish in earlyfour years or so after the introduction of the 4. The unusual depth of the engine's cylinder head was dictated by the desire to make room for two generously-sized valves, whilst not excessively restricting the flow of gases into and out of the hemispherical combustion chambers.

To satisfy these two conditions, a relatively wide angle between the valves was initially chosen, with quite long valve stems. To efficiently operate valves whose tops were such a long way apart, the dual overhead cam arrangement was found to be the most effective.There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time.

Find the perfect Jaguar complete car engine for you in this great range of options. Whether youre restoring a classic Jaguar car or youre looking for something to improve the performance of a more contemporary model, you can be sure to find exactly what youre looking for in this wide selection of vehicle parts. There are loads of complete car engines on offer, for a wide variety of Jaguar models, including genuine OEM complete engines and aftermarket branded choices, so you can select the perfect engine for your Jaguar vehicle.

If youre looking for a complete engine for a Jaguar classic caryoull have plenty to choose from in this range. Look out for a Jaguar XK6 engine for your car that would suit models made as early asor a Jaguar V12 engine for your s Series 3 E-type Jaguar to get it back in tip-top condition. Browse a range of capacities, and choose from the earlier 3.

If youre looking for a new complete car engine for your earlys Jaguar model, go for a Jaguar AJ-V6 engine. You could also pick up a complete car engine for your modern Jaguar car, whether youre looking for a replacement or an upgrade. Look out for AJ-V8 Jaguar engines, in displacements ranging from 3.

Second-hand Straight 6 Engine for sale on UK's largest auction and classifieds sites

Or, go for a Jaguar complete car engine from the Ingenium family, available in petrol or diesel variations, for a really powerful drive. Skip to main content.

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Filter 1. Do these parts fit your vehicle? Find out now. All Auction Buy it now. Sort: Best Match. Best Match. Gallery view. Jaguar X Type 2. Series 2. Jaguar S-type 2. C Block. Jaguar X-Type CF1 2.

jaguar straight 6 engine for sale

Original Jaguar MK10 3. Good For Etype or Race Engine. See similar items. C Casting Number. Only 1 left. Jaguar AJV8 3.

Jaguar XJ Sport 3. Results pagination - page 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Got one to sell? Shop now.Back in November at the Los Angeles Auto Show, an event filled with a humdrum mix of cookie cutter crossovers and electrified SUVs, Mercedes-Benz blasted a big hole in the boring with the announcement it will once again offer an inline six-cylinder engine in the United States.

An all-new turbocharged 3. The German automaker, as well as the rest of the industry, has a long love affair with the straight six, an engine design revered for its bottom end torque and smooth operation.

Over the decades, however, the lust for the power and rumble of a V-8 and the more compact packaging afforded by a V-6 caused most automakers to toss the inline six pot aside.

BMW stuck with the configuration, creating gems like its N54 and N55 as well as its 3. But elsewhere the inline six has been all but extinct. Over the decades the Stovebolt powered both cars and trucks until the optional overhead valve small block V-8 upstaged it in The first Stovebolt was cubic inches making 50 hp. In a cubic inch version called the Blue Flame with hp powered the first Corvettes.

Fitted with a groundbreaking mechanical direct fuel injection system developed by Bosch, this inline six-cylinder engine won both the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Carrera Panamericana in That car was equipped with a straight-eight engine. Despite horsepower ratings never cresting hp and the engine ending production inthe durable Slant-Six was easily modified and still has a rabid following today. In the M1 the dry sump, double overhead cam six made hp at 6, rpm and lb-ft of torque at 5, rpm.

Monster power for the time, it easily outpowered larger V-8s and it revved out like a racecar. After the M1 mess BMW decided to crank up the engine to hp and stick it in its shark-nosed 6-Series coupe, creating the M6, a luxurious German muscle car that could corner and crest mph.

And then in the combination with two more additional doors became the iconic M5at the time the best performing sedan in the world. The torquey, low rpm, large displacement motor began to power the YJ-generation Wrangler in and the Grand Cherokee in Output peaked at hp and lb-ft of torque when production finally ended in it was replaced by a V-6but the 4.

Yamaha created the DOHC cylinder head, added three two-barrel Solex carburetors, and worked out a 7,rpm redline. Toyota only built about production versions of the GT with the hp engine.

First introduced inTurbo models packed hp and lb-ft of torque. Street racers and power junkies quickly began adding boost and other modifications and soon 1,hp Supras running 9-second quarter miles were no big deal. The DOHC engine uses a cast-iron block, an aluminum cylinder head and a unique intake with six individual throttle bodies.

The final versions of the R34 were rumored to make closer to hp in reality. Like the Supra, 1, at the wheels on the street was no big deal for the Nissan. Oh, and it also won LeMans.It was designed to replace the much-loved Jaguar XK6 engine, and was introduced in The AJ6 was only the third engine ever designed by the company. Jaguar had considered cutting the V12 in half to build a V6, or possibly a V8, but chose instead to develop a new inline The cylinders are inclined, as in a slant-6, by 22 degrees.

It uses an aluminum block to reduce weight, and has an optional DOHC head for higher efficiency and power. The DOHC 3. It is still essentially an "AJ6", however. It had DOHC 4-valve heads with a 91 mm 3. Power was reduced to hp kW for versions having catalytic exhaust system.

Early versions of the 3. The Lucas fuel injection system on the 3.

Jaguar Plans New Straight-Six Engines

Later 3. The fuel-injection system used on the later 3. The block is the same as the 3. Only the — Jaguar XJ6 used the 2. The SOHC 2. The 2. In France cars with more than 3 litres of engine size had to pay a luxury tax. It featured a longer mm 4.

jaguar straight 6 engine for sale

The 4. Jaguarsport was also formed as a partnership between TWR and Jaguar. Interior-wise it included special stitching, "sport" or "XJR" embossed front headrests, and Jaguarsport speedometer labels and tread-plates.

XJR 4. They were sent to TWR in Coventry to be modified directly after being produced. Bodykit was re-sculptured and the boot spoiler was deleted. Side mouldings were now added, with the smaller "XJR" badge embedded in them. The later one "XJR" is most common and the only badge you could choose on the boot infil panel models.

A "sport" one on the front within its own unique XJR grill. In this unique grill a "sport" badge was installed. Total XJ40 cars built wasand supposedly JaguarSport cars built, of the round headlight versions and then about with the square headlights like the Sovereigns and Daimler's.

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A valve DOHC 3. This version featured an Eaton supercharger. Jaguar XJS 4. These are the "AJ16" engines, both now featuring coil-on-plug distributorless ignition, new engine management systems, magnesium alloy valve covers, revised pistons and other detail changes. The new design was called the AJ16 to reflect the major differences between it and the original AJ6. Toggle Navigation. Vehicles using the 3. Published date Friday, 02 February Updated Monday, 10 September Read more in this section.West Coast Classics are proud to present an absolutely exceptional and extremely rare and increasingly collectible last ever year of production example of this classic Jaguar XJS 4.

Convenience Features Tilt steering wheel Automatic temperature control Power windows Air conditioning Garage door transmitter Overhead console Remote keyless entry Wheelbase : 2,mm Stunning Jaguar XJS 4.

Now completely Serviced and Inspected to our very strict Convenience Features Tilt steering wheel Automatic temperature control Power windows Air conditioning Garage door transmitter They also continue to be very popular cars and 20 years down the road it is very likely that vehicles like This example of a great Jaguar is extra clean in every way.

jaguar straight 6 engine for sale

With carefully drivenmiles this XJS is just broken in. The paint and body lines look Recent Arrival! All original. Low mileage Always garaged kept. Has never seen snow or salt. Beautiful cruiser. Full power, power windows It is equipped with a Automatic transmission. It is offered As-Is, extended warranty is available. Local Kat! With bullet proof 4.

Daytona Wire Wheels!! Top is in excellent shape!! Please call for more details!! Thanks for viewing our Powered by Jaguar 's reliable and torquey 4. Sort By. Date recent Price highest first Price lowest first. Sort by Date recent Price highest first Price lowest first. On page 20 40 Christiansburg, VA. Columbia, SC.

Make offer. Jaguar xjs 6 cylinder. Other Jaguar Models.We restore your engine inside and out.

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We replace all bearings, timing chains, pistons, rings, valves, valve springs, cam bearings, chain guides and tesioners. We replace other parts such as valve guides and tappets as needed. We adjust the valves and balance all rotating parts. Everything is cleaned, detailed, plated, polished or painted as appropriate. If it needs to be done, we do it. We use the best quality parts available and our machine work is exacting.

We offer performance enhancements and updates.

1968 Jaguar E-Type 4.2 Litres 6 In Line (Revving + Idle Sound + Start Up)

Some are included in the base price and some cost extra. We also recommend that the water pump be overhauled or replaced.

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Please check out our Shipping page for more information about crating and sending your engine or cylinder head to us. If your engine is excessively corroded or rusty or has a stuck piston or other problem, we will call you to discuss the extra charges. This is a fully reconditioned engine and cylinder head with all the accessories attached like porcelain manifolds and intake with carburetors, distributor, oil filter, waer pump and other parts necessary to make it run. All parts are reconditioned or new.

Inquire for prices usually about double the engine prices above. This is a crankshaft that has been reground, sludge traps cleaned and new thrust bearings and washers provided of the appropriate size.

An optional modification to the rear seal can be added to accept a modern lip seal. Ultra polish also available. Intake and exhaust valves are replaced with updated valves and the valve springs and cam bearings are also replaced. We recondition the tappets and tappet guides as necessary.

We recondition the cam shafts or replace them if necessary. The exterior is polished, painted and detailed like original. All cylinder heads are ready to bolt on when you receive them with the valves adjusted and the cams timed.

Flywheels are resurfaced and provided with new or reconditioned ring gears. Shims are available for V flywheels that have been machined too far. We offer a super-light steel flywheel for the XK engines. It comes in at around 16 pounds with dust slots and Swiss-cheese lightning holes. It will run cooler than stock and give a better grip surface for the stock-style clutch because of the dust slots which not only move the clutch dust away but also pump a small amount of cooling air.

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We also offer an aluminum, steel-faced flywheel for the XJ 3. Inquire for V-8 engines. We provide a matched set of connecting rods appropriate for your engine.Jaguar or Daimler XJ40 3.

Mercedes 3. Straight silicone hoses - water air coolant heater.

jaguar straight 6 engine for sale

You will receive the engine without ancillaries. Refunds given only if item found defective on arrive doa and cannot be replaced.

Silicone straight radiator hoses - pipes tubes. The label on the box reads 1 doz, 6 inch, square bastard cut. Below is some of the feedback i have received for some of the previous things i have made. Straight six: 6x9 engines blank with numbers. There may be some slight surface scratches from play. Great bargain any questions please feel free to contact me and i will endeavour to give you a speedy response.

I have cleaned them as much as i can, but there may be some small marks left on the difficult to clean areas. Order and pay for items or more and the postage is just p for each 'additional' item. Used Jaguar 3. Straight six: 6x9 engines lined ruled paper. Bmw straight 6 head designer coffee table. Mercedes benz, straight 6, twin cam, m complete. Vintage made in england 6" steel engineering square.

We no longer have the complete playset, so we are selling pieces as spares. Collect from Barnstaple within a week of sale please. Vw lt 2. Reg Number: beautiful jaguar straight six engine table.


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